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BSJFC is keen to keep members, parents, guardians, coaches and supporters up to date with its 
privacy and data protection policy in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR – May 
2018). We want you to know whose data we keep, why it is retained, how it is retained and when it 
may be used. We would like to assure all that we respect the privacy of children and parents information.

The primary purpose of the data we hold is for club membership and the necessary affiliation to the
leagues and the FA.
The management of the data we hold is the responsibility of the following:
Club Secretary : Steve Clark, Club Committee: Shane Williams, Nina Smith, Rob Elliott, Lisa Ains-
worth and Sarah Williams, BSJFC managers and coaches.

The data we collect is via player registration forms, photograph consent forms and medical infor- 
mation. Parents and guardian are asked to sign these documents at the start of each season and when 
joining the club.  This is their agreement to provide information that we need to affiliate with 
the league. Parents and guardian can opt out of these processes and or object to their data being
used at any time.

Data Processing
Information gathered via the processes outlined will be stored and retained. To ensure it’s 
accuracy it will be updated on a regular basis (minimum annually) and only shared with BSJFC 
managers and relevant members of the club committee (in order to facilitate the primary purpose of 
the club) the FA and the Sheffield and District Junior League. The information obtained covers the 
basic required for affiliation and relevant medical information to ensure that players are safe 
when attending the club.

Filing and Data Retention
Individual data will be retained for the length of the membership at the club. The data is retained 
in paper format and kept by the club secretary and where appropriate the team managers. When a
member leaves the club, the data will be destroyed


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