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We realise that social media and networking websites have become a regular part of everyday life
and that many people enjoy membership of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, we 
are also aware that these sites can become a negative forum for complaining or gossiping and care 
must be taken not to breach our Privacy and/or Match Reporting policies or offend anyone when using 
these services.

General Information
The following policy has been designed to give players, parents managers, & committee member’s 
clear guidelines as to what the club expects of them when accessing these sites. The absence of, or 
lack of, explicit reference to a specific website or service does not limit the extent of the 
application of this policy. Where no policy or guidelines exist; members should use their judgment 
and take the most prudent action possible. Consult with your team manager or the Club Child Welfare 
Officer if you are uncertain.

Guidance for Personal Use
If you have your own personal profile on a social media website, you should make sure that others 
cannot access any content, media or information from that profile that (a) you are not happy them 
to have access to; and (b) which would undermine your position as a professional, trusted and responsible person. As a basic rule, if you are not happy for others who you play with to see 
particular comments, media or information simply do not post it in a public forum online.


When using social media sites, members should consider the following:

Changing the privacy settings on your profile so that only people you have accepted as friends can
see your content.

Reviewing who is on your 'friends list' on your personal profile. In most situations you should not 
accept friend requests on your personal profile from people you don’t know.

Ensuring personal blogs have clear disclaimers that the views expressed by the author are theirs 
alone and do not represent the views of Bramley Sunnyside Juniors FC

Make your writing clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of BSJFC.

Ensuring information published on the Internet complies with club confidentiality, data protection 
policies, and Respect Codes of Conduct. Breach of confidentiality can result in disciplinary action 
via the club procedure and may result in termination of your association with the club.

Ensuring you are always respectful towards players, parents, managers, match officials & committee 
members of BJFC. Members should be aware that any disrespectful comments to the above might be seen 
as libellous and could result in disciplinary action or termination of your association with the


BSJFC name & logos may not be used without written consent of the Club Committee on any social media.

Copyright laws must be respected, with references or sources cited appropriately.

Any member who becomes aware of social networking activity that would be deemed distasteful should make their manager aware as soon as possible. All members using official accounts must ad-here to the above guidelines; accounts will be monitored periodically, and breech of this policy may result in disciplinary action or termination of your association with the club.

At all times, while you are a member of Bramley Sunnyside Junior FC, you are an ambassador for the club - please be aware that your actions captured via images, posts or comments online can reflect on the reputation of our club

Use of Official Accounts
Bramley Sunnyside Junior FC operate its own accounts on social media websites for the promotion of activities and events, and as a communication method. The following outlines the limits of their use.

• An official account on any social media website may only be set-up with written (meeting minutes) consent from the Club Committee.
• Only authorised members may use these accounts to post official club notices online.
• Parents or children should not be referenced online without their express consent. This in-cludes all photos, videos and other media. Any information or images that may identify the full name or address of any child should not be used

Publishing of Match Results
League rules dictate that match results for teams up to and including u11s CANNOT be published, this includes parents/carers publishing results on social media, if in doubt please check with a team manager or committee member.

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